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A motorcycle accident in San Diego generally has a higher rate of death and injury that other vehicle accidents. Put another way, if you are riding a motorcycle and get into a vehicle accident, you are three times more like to be injured and fifteen times more likely to be suffer a fatal injury. This is why, as a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer, I want everyone to be especially careful when riding a motorcycle in San Diego

To avoid a San Diego motorcycle accident, you should take special precautions including the following:

  1. Make sure you and your passengers follow the helmet laws
  2. Make sure you refrain from speeding, passing dangerously and tailgating
  3. Know that the motorcycle is not as big as an automobile so extra precautions must be taken
  4. Make sure that you are comfortable with passengers
  5. Insist your passengers follow all vehicle safety laws
  6. Know that obstacles and imperfections in the road have a great effect.

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San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers know that following these simple rules can make all the difference in being injured and getting to your destination safely.

The first thing you must do is contact an experienced San Diego motorcycle injury lawyer in order to discuss the accident, how you were injured and who is responsible. Our lawyers will sit down and talk to you about the process, what you are going to face and how we can help you get the money you deserve. We will advise you how to proceed and what to expect in the future.

As your case moves forward, we will stand by you every step of the way so that we shoulder as much of the burden as possible. We know how to deal with insurance company and their lawyers so you don’t have to!

To that end, your motorcycle injury case needs to be presented in a way the insurance adjuster and the insurance company’s lawyer can understand. If your case in not presented in the proper manner it will be processed like any other accident case, which it is not. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary expense and even a stressful trial. While our award winning personal injury lawyers are 100% trial lawyers, we will do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve in order to avoid trial.

At the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson we have been helping the victims of San Diego motorcycle accidents for 35 years. Our attorneys know how to fight like bulldogs with the insurance company and yet be compassionate with our clients. Don’t leave your most important injury case to just any lawyer. Call our office today at 619.615.0767 for a free confidential consultation, download a FREE copy of our Special Report on California Motorcycle Accidents or find out how you can become a client right now.

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You need a team of lawyers that will represent your best interests. Our lawyers will fight the negligent party and their insurance company in order than you get the compensation you deserve. To that end, all our attorney fee compensation is not earned until we procure a satisfactory settlement or judgment.

If you have been in an accident in San Diego you need vehicle accident attorneys that are the best in the business. There is a reason why our lawyers have been recognized as some of the best in the San Diego legal community. We invite you to call the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson to find out why.

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