Truck Accidents

San Diego Truck Accident Lawyer – San Diego Truck Accident Attorney

San Diego truck accidents are one of the more common vehicle accidents we see. Given the amount of traffic on the roads in San Diego County, almost 5000 individuals die each year because of truck accidents and collisions. Our San Diego truck accident lawyers can help you with the entire court process if you or some you know has been injured in a San Diego vehicle accident.

We want you to contact our San Diego truck accident attorneys to get the compensation you deserve.

The government authority in charge of monitoring highway traffic, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states there were almost 6.5 million vehicle accidents last you. Almost 45,000 of those accidents resulted in fatalities while almost 3.5 resulted in death. If you have been injured in a San Diego truck accident our attorneys can help take over your case so that you can get fair compensation for your injuries. Trucking accidents can result in greater injury. Make sure you have the right vehicle accident attorneys on your side.

In our experience as San Diego truck accident attorneys the must common reasons for trucking accidents are:

  1. Driving under the influence
  2. Driving while intoxicated
  3. Driving while fatigued
  4. Injuries from an overturned truck
  5. Trucks backing into people or other vehicles
  6. Trucks colliding with other vehicles
  7. Trucks with malfunctioning trailers.
  8. Trucks with overcapacity trailers.
  9. Trucks with a shifting load

No matter what the reason for your San Diego truck accident you need to make sure that evidence is secured, witnesses are interviewed and responsible parties are ascertained.

If you suffered injuries in a San Diego truck accident, whether they be minor or significant, it is in your best interest to contact a San Diego truck injury lawyer right away in order to find out the next steps in the process. You need an experienced lawyer that understands the area of trucking law and how it is different from other vehicle accidents. More importantly, you need a lawyer that will be able to present your San Diego truck accident to the insurance company in a way that will get you the most money.

Hiring a San Diego truck accident lawyer is the first step in finding out if you have a legitimate case against the driver of the truck that injured you. Don’t delay.

At the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson we understand the balance a personal injury lawyer must have between fighting the insurance company to the bitter end and having compassion for the injured truck accident victim. This is where our 35 years experience helping people all over Southern California comes in. When you hire our award winning team of San Diego truck accident lawyers you can trust you are going with some of the best. Call our office today for a free, no-hassle consultation, download a copy of our FREE Special Report on California Vehicle Accidents or find out how you can become a client right now.