Bicycle Accidents

San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer – San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney

Our San Diego bicycle accident lawyer practice has seen a lot of changes in the down economy. With times difficult, gas prices high and everyone thinking about the environment, we are seeing more and more people riding bikes in San Diego. But, when more people are riding bikes, more people are getting into bicycle accidents in San Diego.

At the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson, we represent bicycle riders that were hit by car drivers who were not paying attention or where negligent in some other manner. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered compensation for many bicycle accident victims throughout San Diego and California. If you have been injured in a San Diego bicycle accident you need aggressive representation.

In 2008, just in San Diego County alone, 30 bicyclists were killed and more than 3000 suffered injuries in automobile negligence accidents.

Often times San Diego bicycle accidents are caused by rider error or confusion as to the rules of the road. But, the statistics show that most San Diego bicycle accidents are cause by the negligence of drivers of automobiles and other vehicles. The accident lawyers at the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson can have experienced investigators at the scene of your accident in order to secure proof that the driver of the vehicle was negligent. Then, when we pursue the claim against their insurance company the case will be well documented.

Our award winning team of bicycle accident lawyers have represented bicycle riders who have been run over and t-bone by negligent and reckless drivers. We work with expert medical professionals that can help determine how much your case is worth in the eyes of a jury.

Our law firm represents all victims of bicycle accidents, including:

  • People riding bicycles to work
  • Families riding bicycles on the week for fun
  • Messengers and couriers who ride for a living
  • People riding cycles as a competitive hobby
  • Child riding bike
  • And many more

If you find yourself in a San Diego bicycle accident don’t hesitate to call a team of accident lawyers you can trust. We will put all our resources behind your case and we don’t collect attorney fees unless we recover for you. Call our office today at 619.615.0767 for a free, no-hassle consultation, download a copy of our Special Report on Vehicle Accidents or find out how you can become a client right now.